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Larochelle Groupe Conseil consultants are part of expert communities or internal groups of experts, also known as centres of excellence. The objective of these communities is to be a driving force for career success.

Management consulting

This group brings together experts who support our customers in the development of their digital strategies and in creating value from their data. These experts are masters of best practices in identifying needs, auditing, planning, architecting, governance and quality control.

Data analytics

The members of this community are specialized in data value-creation. With their expertise in the governance, integration, visualization and science of data, they participate in projects of data platform modernization, big data management, and the application of machine-learning algorithms.

Development and Technologies

Our development and technologies community is made up of experts in development of digital solutions. They are masters, notably, of best practices in systems interoperability, continuous-development and -rollout principles, and the use of automation tools.

These three communities enable our consultants to grow their expertise through, among others, two main initiatives: The Laboratory and our lunch-and-learn sessions also known as “Bistros-Partage”.

The Laboratory

The Laboratory aims to develop skills aligned with our company vision and encourage our experts to collaborate. It facilitates the creation of technology environments that allow our experts to share their ideas and efficiently apply them.


Our lunch-and-learn sessions are an opportunity for our consultants to present to their peers on a subject of their choice, to do with their expertise or their current projects. The presentation is followed by a Q&A enabling participants to expand their knowledge.

These two activities allow us to provide our consultants with an environment conducive to the sharing of experience and to collaboration. Our consultants are therefore able to count on an entire team to support them during their mandate!


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