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Design solutions that are simple to understand, to develop, to deploy and to maintain.


  • Design IT solutions to business problems, with a focus on supporting use cases rather than achieving a technical ideal
  • Separate solutions into components with well-defined responsibilities, preferably decoupled and independent
  • Follow proven recipes and principles where applicable (almost always), and use your imagination to innovate in all other situations – most importantly, know how to tell the difference
  • Organize and manage the source code to ensure continuous integration and rollout
  • Guide development teams with expertise and leadership
  • Keep up to speed with technology developments.


  • Become a better developer
  • Stay humble
  • Avoid making decisions too early and leave options wide open as long as possible
  • Pay back technical debt
  • Build the Lego Millenium Falcon : 7541 pieces!
« Software architecture is the art of drawing lines that I call boundaries. »
Robert C. Martin

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