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Continuously deliver value-added features while respecting the highest criteria of stability, reliability, availability and security.


  • Design, develop, deploy and optimize data-driven solutions
  • Demonstrate leadership in the adoption, application and evolution of good CI/CD practices
  • Develop automated build, test and deployment pipelines assessing the quality of solutions delivered and and minimizing the impact on business
  • Monitor everything: development milestones, code weaknesses and vulnerabilities, production, logs, health of IT resources and user activities


  • Find your niche where development, quality control, operations and security meet
  • Keep only code in a deployable state
  • Bear in mind that it is always cheaper to fix a defect sooner than later
  • Go home on a Friday night, like regular people.
« There should be two tasks for a human being to perform to deploy software into a development, test, or production environment: to pick the version and environment and to press the “deploy” button. »
David Farley


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