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Identify business needs, recommend concrete solutions, and measure the impact.


  • Get involved in activities ranging from recognizing when to use analysis or AI, to implementing innovative solutions;
  • Identify and prioritize data improvement opportunities;
  • Translate needs into functional, qualitative and transitional business requirements;
  • Participate in planning, scoping, communicating and carrying out actions that lead to the delivery and adoption of solutions;
  • Participate in approving proposed solutions and in quality control activities;
  • Continuously liaise between lines of business and IT.


  • Understand the business, its functions, processes and informations systems, and their dynamics;
  • Guarantee sound data management;
  • Improve organizations’ operational efficiency through the catalyst of AI and its applications, in a context of digital transformation;
  • Be appreciated by all colleagues due to excellent social skills, a dynamic personality, and adaptability to any situation, even the craziest.
A business analyst is an entrepreneur. They have to be everywhere, understand everything, be meticulous but efficient, and aim only for quality and effectiveness. They have to understand and diagnose the real situation, fix a target, communicate it and convince people that it’s the right one, obtain consensus and manage change.”
Marie-José Lesage


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