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Larochelle Groupe Conseil, the Québec leader in data analytics, has been recognized as a Snowflake Select Services Partner with regards to its Data Cloud expertise.

Montréal, November 15 2021 – Larochelle Groupe Conseil has announced the conclusion of its Select Services Partnership with Snowflake, the creator of the Data Cloud, making one of the few Québec companies to have achieved this partnership level.

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As a service partner, Larochelle Groupe Conseil will work in close collaboration with Snowflake, implementing the best industry practices in data engineering, analytics, management and governance for the successful deployment of the Snowflake platform. This is a guarantee of its clients’ success and a step towards a data-driven organization.

For 15 years, Larochelle’s experts have contributed to the enhancement of business and organizational data in Québec, with the development, implementation and informed use of technological solutions. Modern data-related needs are varied and the technology implemented must be sufficiently flexible to support data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering and data science as well as the development of data applications and sharing. Snowflake achieves all of these requirements by providing a single depository for all data and cases of use. Furthermore, with its platform designed for the Cloud, Snowflake offers inexpensive, near-infinite storage and virtually unlimited computing power requiring minimal maintenance on a pay-as-you-go basis. In summary, Snowflake is distinguished by its efficiency and quality-price ratio.

“What quickly drew me to the Snowflake platform is that it showcases features, often revolutionary, through the SQL language so familiar to many developers and analysts. Facilitating and accelerating access to growing volumes of data from various sources and in different formats is well and good, but doing so by consolidating skills that are already acquired is even better,” noted Alexandre Lepage, Senior Director, Digital Transformation at Larochelle Groupe Conseil.

Whether it’s planning the implementation of the Snowflake platform, demonstrating its unprecedented capabilities, producing a data solutions architecture, designing and developing data pipelines or integrating existing information environments, the experts at Larochelle are more prepared than ever to support their clients’ migration to the Data Cloud.


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