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On November 12 and 13, 2019, representatives from the technology industry met with various elected members of the Quebec government to present the White paper on Quebec technology. A committed industry stakeholder, involved in the drawing up of this white paper, Conseils Larochelle was present at this event.

As a reminder, this initiative, led by TechnoMontréal, aims to raise awareness among government bodies of the needs of our industry. With more than 450 companies and organizations involved, this project has had an exceptional mobilizing effect.

During the two days of November 12-13, scheduled visits with the different political decision-makers and ministries aimed to start a conversation focusing on 5 key areas:

Area 1

Attracting, training and retaining talent.

Area 2

Creating winning conditions: proactivity from the State and digital governance.

Area 3

Giving ourselves the means to succeed in our ambitions: financing and competitivity of companies.

Area 4

Innovating in order to thrive.

Area 5

Showing off our achievements here and abroad: being proud of our innovations.

It was notably highlighted that providing the technology industry with a specific industrial policy is one of the main prerequisites to enabling the industry to flourish.

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