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Larochelle Groupe Conseil, the Quebec leader in data enhancement, is proud to announce its partnership with Alation, a leader in data governance solutions. Larochelle now becomes one of the rare francophone service partners in North America.

Montreal, October 25, 2023 – Larochelle Groupe Conseil announces the conclusion of a partnership agreement with Alation.

Alation partenaire Larochelle

Alation is a data catalogue platform designed to support streamlined data governance within organizations. The platform offers effective mechanisms for identifying, classifying, documenting, and collaborating on an organization’s data. This catalogue allows stakeholders to quickly discover accessible information, understand its context, track its quality, and guarantee its compliance with prevailing policies and regulations.

As a partner of Alation, we have strengthened our commitment to responsible IT by completing our technological ecosystem (Microsoft, Snowflake, Databricks, Carto) with the addition of a data governance solution.

We are eager to leverage Alation’s capabilities to improve our clients’ data management and to benefit from data intelligence.

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